Project Hardcover a KickStarter by Mathias Publishing

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About this project

The Royal Dragoneers, book one of The Dragoneer Saga, and The Sword and the Dragon, book one of The Wardstone Trilogy were both deemed “Top 10” indie fantasy releases of 2010 by Fantasy Book Critic, alongside Michael J. Sullivan, back when his big hit was called Wintertide. Mathias’s two series starters were also listed in the first ever Publishers Weekly Indie Select issue.

The Royal Dragoneers was nominated for the Locus Poll in 2011, and book six of The Dragoneer Saga, Blood and Royalty won the 2015 Readers Favorite Award, after being a semifinalist for The Kindle Book Award the same year.

The Wardstone Trilogy, has been in the Amazon Top 10 in the US, UK, and in its German language form in the Amazon.DE store, and has sold over 325,000 kindle copies worldwide.

Since these highly rated and well reviewed titles were released independently, they never saw brick and mortar store shelves. Nor did they ever have fancy hardcover versions made. Many fans of the two series, and M. R. Mathias’s other series, have requested hardcover versions for their bookshelves or gifts for family and friends.

We hope you are interested in helping. As a token of our intention, we have made The Royal Dragoneers, book one of The Dragoneer Saga free at all eBook stores. Google Books, Google Play, Kobo, Kindle, and the iTunes book store have all dropped the price to FREE.  We want you to read what you are supporting, and we hope, like the many M. R. Mathias fans out there, that you decide you like the story enough to put a hardcover on your shelf.

Thank you,

Mathias Publishing

Risks and challenges

Being that the front covers of all these titles have been created, what we are doing is relatively simple, but only if you are an experienced book formatter.

Each title needs an interior format, a dust jacket, and also a full paperback format made. Each book cover format costs about $100. Each book needs two formats made. One for the new hardcover’s dust jacket, and one for the new paperback. Interior formatting is about $75 a title, and since we buy ISBN #s in blocks of ten, we are doing the 6 Dragoneer saga novels, the 3 Wardstone Trilogy novels, and The Butcher’s Boy, 2011 Readers Favorite Award winner for horror, that was published by M. R. Mathias, under the pen name Michael Robb (Mathias.)

But there are Dragoneer Saga paperbacks currently available at Amazon, you ask? Yes, there are, but if we use Amazon’s distribution system we have to charge as much as $5 more per book, when Amazon lists them at B&N, and other stores, just to make a profit. The Amazon paperbacks will stay available at Amazon, but these new paperbacks, allow us to save customers that $5 increase when they shop for our books outside of Amazon.

10 books at +/- $275.00/ea is $2,750.00 The remaining $750.00 of our budget will go toward prize shipping (Notice we are not charging you awesome Kickers shipping on ANYTHING.) What is left after shipping, if anything, will go toward paying the webmaster (DesignCreatives) to add the new titles and covers to the M. R. Mathias website.

We are making book one, The Royal Dragoneers, in hardcover now, out of pocket, and will soon have it to show as an example of what the other books will look like when complete. Once these formats are made and uploaded to Ingram, the books will be available in days! It is that easy. Go get a free eBook copy of The Royal Dragoneers at Smashwords, the iTunes bookstore, Kobo, or Google Books, and decide for yourself if this is a series you’d like to support.

Thanks again,
Mathias Publishing

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